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Almost Blue is a show born soon after visiting Amsterdam and New York, two cities that despite being so distant and different share some crucial events in their history and represent a  link between Europe and America, between the Old and the New Continent. The journey of Almost Blue comes to life through the lives of five characters, a small constellation of faces that guides the audience in a path drawn by music, and bonds the cities as it has happened many times in history. (For further information download the brochure here).

The project involves some artists that have been performing for many years  in some of the most important theatres all around the world, but to make this happen  we need your support.

You can support our project as follow:

- offer a sponsorship if you have an entrepreneurial or commercial business

  (for more information: +39 3291011241 -

- participate in the upcoming online fundraising

Let me know when the Crowdfunding is going to start

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